Running Lights

Running Lights – A short animated film about the eternal, never-ending miracle of life and death.

“Running Lights” is a short animated film produced by cooperation of two leading Lithuania’s visual production studios, PetPunk and Okta.

The film employs ambitious contemporary 3D computer graphics to tell the story in an emotionally captivating and artistically unique environment.

“Running Lights” aims for the highest production value in the history of independent Lithuania’s animation. Currently it is partially funded by the Lithuanian Film Centre and private investments of production partners and the rest is planned to be backed up through the crowdfunding campaign.

The short film is planned to be premièred in 2016, to hit the major animation festivals worldwide and to be published online for free viewing afterwards.


This is a story about the eternal, never-ending miracle of life and death.

The unfortunate death of a wild hare turns into a remarkable experience for a couple of children who find his little body. They feel obliged to solve this matter; therefore, they bury him in a playground. Once buried, the hare’s life gradually fades away and dozens of magical creatures that previously lived inside him have to abandon his body and anxiously search for a new home.

The hare’s life ends by dissolving into nature, but is reborn in various plants and living things around.

PetPunk | Running Lights