Studio Live

Our self-promo website. Online in years 2006-2008.

5 internet webcams installed in different locations of the main studio’s room, each updating several frames a minute and continuously uploading them to website’s front page.

The main page of website was composed of those 5 live pictures and a video player. There were no additional texts or clickable links. All website’s content was presented through the webcam pictures taken from our studio’s walls. Minimalistic typographic and structure approach was taken on inside pages.

Apart tricky initial technical setup and some 24×7 maintenance bother, we believe this website perfectly exemplifies visual artist’s approach to website’s Content Management System.


Day-night-day in 20 sec (video)


Day time























Night time






















F*** (office building lost power supply)






















RSS feed (no texts, only pictures)

More random stuff:





























Designed and produced by PetPunk.
Production year: 2008


Lithuanian Ad festival ADRENALINAS 2008
interactive media

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